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Ubuntu 10.04- Mac?

15 May

Over the past couple of weeks since Ubuntu 10.04 was released and I, along with all the other users, have been discovering how much like Mac OSX it is becoming. I solely mean the interface, like the buttons moving to the left and all that jazz. Another feature which, while trawling through my long list of programs in Ubuntu, is an awesome little feature in GNOME DO. Encase you haven’t used GNOME Do before or are just curious on how I would describe it, it is; an awesome little application launcher which can also be used to find files. It also supports many different plugins some of which let you; send emails, update your Twitter or Facebook, or last but not least control your media player whether it be Amarok or Rythmbox.

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Software Download Links on Pages

9 May

I’m going to add software download links on the dedicated pages for different Operating Systems. For example I will be adding the download links for the ‘Top 5 Free Windows Applications’ on the Windows page all clearly marked as the correct links. This is a work in process and if you notice some of the links don’t work or are no longer valid or , especially, if I’ve one please leave a comment or email me at Sandman30066@gmail.com.

Social From the Start

6 May

Is what Ubuntu 10.04 is claiming to be. And to be honest I agree with that claim totally however I think there could have been a little more done in the way of pre-installed video chatting clients like Skype.

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