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How to Sell Linux to Schools- Part 2

31 May

Building on the last post, I welcome the opportunity to share some of my experiences with deploying Linux in schools. It is a very broad topic however I will stay with the previous outline. First of all, it is a matter of migrating schools to Linux, not selling them.  Second, the approach is different based on whether the school in located in a developing country, the EU or North America.

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Is Chromium Faster Than Firefox

30 May

Just a quick post today. Since Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx was released I have been using Firefox 3.6 on my, pretty powerful, laptop using a 24MB/S broadband connection. 2 days ago I started using Chromium (not chrome) which is the open source base on which Google created Google Chrome on. I would say that Chromium is about 3 times faster than Firefox. What is you experience? Vote below.

Changed Theme

29 May

I’ve changed my theme as I was told it wasn’t as clean and easy on the eyes as possible.

How to Sell Linux to Schools

28 May

In my earlier post ‘How to Sell Linux’ I looked at three different ways how to popularize Linux and make it more mainstream as well as a household name. In the post I will look specifically at how I would sell Linux to schools, examining all the aspects of such a deployment and how I would do it and what distro and software I would use.

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Ubuntu One

27 May

Ubuntu One is the next step in personal cloud computing, which in the developers view ” simplifies your digital life” to quote the homepage of the project. It is worth reading up on all the information on the site, however I will explain in detail the features of it as well as the upsides and downsides of using it.

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How to Sell Linux

22 May

Sell- Verb (used with object)- to persuade or induce (someone) to buy or use something

That’s one of the many definitions of the word sell, it is also the definition which allowed me to use the word in this context. This post is all about how we (as a community of Linux users) could persuade or induce someone or some people to use Linux in many different ways; whether is be in an organisation or for personal use.

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20 May

What does everybody think about on Technorati that you need to place a unique combination on letters and numbers into a post for you to verify that you own the blog? They gave me this one- 46ZSNKZYT77A . It really annoys me because I had to go out of my way and find a way to post this on the blog without me looking like a total jackass! 😀

Join the Facebook Group

18 May

Join my Facebook Group- Linux! It will have all the blog updates posted on it and from time to time a little freebie!


Check Out My Sister Site

17 May

Be sure to check out my sister site- Sweet Wallpapers. It will be showcasing the finest desktop wallpapers available on the web as well as tutorials on how to create your own!

Lamp, Mamp and Wamp

16 May

LAMP is an acronym of Linux Apache, MySQL and PHP. MAMP is an acronym of Mac Apache, MySQL and PHP. And as expected WAMP is an acronym of Windows Apache, MySQL and PHP. They are a download which packages together Apache, MySQL and PHP and allow you to build and host websites locally. It is a totally free download which is shipped with PHPMyAdmin.

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