How to Make Awesome Wallpapers in GIMP

13 May

GIMP is my image editor/creator of choice on both Windows and Linux however I prefer Photoshop on Mac. If you have any experience of Photoshop you will know how to use these tools, brushes and effects in it. GIMP as I have reviewed before in both ‘5 Lightweight Alternatives to Popular Applications‘ and in ‘Top 5 Free Windows Applications’ is an awesome free and open-source, cross-platform tool. The release I’m going to be using today is Gimp 2.6 which can be downloaded from the Gimp Website.

Okay firstly start up Gimp and create a new image which is 1024 x 768. Go to advanced options and click foreground colour, by default this is black but you can change it easily to another colour with the bucket fill tool.

Create a new image in GIMP

Create a new image in GIMP

Now you should create a new layer, call this layer Flames or whatever you want to, however I don’t advise leaving it as untitled because when you are doing more complex projects they will require many different layers. You can always skip this step, as I did in the video (to save time) or to just because you can’t be bothered, this however, won’t deliver the best end results if you end up adding something else or editing it at a later date. The next layer you create should be transparent.

GIMP ToolBox

Your Toolbox or Layers Panel Should Now Look Like this

Before the next step it is important for you to chose your color scheme, so pick the two colors you are going to using the Toolbox(for this tutorial I am honouring Ubuntu and using Purples). Now, in the toolbar, follow this Filters>Render>Nature>Flame. It should present you with the window in the screenshot below.

GIMP Create Flame Option Box

This is the Window Which Should Be Presented to You

There are now a few options, today although, I will only be using a few. The first thing you should do is adjust the brightness to the level you want it at. The next thing you should do it is adjust the contrast. Finally adjust the Gamma. My settings for this are Brightness: 1.00, Contrast 5.00, Gamma: 3.81. Now select camera from the tabs above these options and adjust the view until you find one you want, my settings are Zoom: 3.46, X: 0.45, Y: -0.99.

GIMP Rendering Option in Flame

GIMP Rendering Option in Flame

GIMP Camera Option in Flames

GIMP Camera Option in Flames

Now go to the edit option on the top of the window and you can chose the look of your flame. You can chose what it looks like manual or get set of random options. Here is my end result.

Abstract Art

My Result

Here’s the video


4 Responses to “How to Make Awesome Wallpapers in GIMP”

  1. Dave May 25, 2010 at 4:28 am #

    Instead of creating a 1024×768 image, the user should create an image that matches the resolution of their monitor. On a widescreen monitor, using a 1024×768 image, the background is either going to get stretched or have a lot of dead space on the sides!

    Your title isn’t very accurate either, it should be more like “How to make an awesome flame wallpaper in the Gimp”. I thought your tutorial was going to be a bit broader in scope; however, it really is just a simple tutorial on using one specific filter in the Gimp. It’s ok, but the title was deceiving.

  2. darmowe filmy porno May 28, 2010 at 2:21 pm #

    Great article, great job! I’ve just added to my bookmark list. I’ll back for sure


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