Software Spotlight- Bluefish

10 May

One bit of software I use all the time is called Bluefish. Bluefish is an HTML editor for part-time or experienced web designers. “It includes nice wizards for inserting images and linking thumbnails with the original image.” to quote the developer.

Bluefish Webeditor

The Main Page for Bluefish

Bluefish Insert Image Form
The Bluefish Instert Image Forum

It has all the main functions as other HTML editors for Linux. So you may be thinking “why is this special?” well to be honest it isn’t that much better than other editors however when it come down to it Bluefish comes out on top compared with other open-source projects like Quanta Plus or Kommander. It has more features, a larger support base, more updates and more tutorials available.

It’s available for download at the Ubuntu Package Center and it’s website

Happy Webdesign, Sandy


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