5 Great Firefox Addons

6 May

Using any operating system whether it be Mac or Linux just wouldn’t be the same without all the amazing plugins and add-ons created by the open-source community supporting software

Firefox is one of the great open-source projects around and with the Mozilla Foundation behind it. It has a huge community of developers all creating add-ons for Firefox, Thunderbird and Seammonkey. Firefox has a great selection of add-ons available from Shopping to Social Networking or from Blogging to Download Management Firefox has an add-on for it.

All the Firefox add-ons are available from here

The 5 add-ons I’ve picked are ones which I use daily. (Firefox Add-ons Link in Name)

1.Ad Block Plus: It is the best ad blocker I have been able to find. It blocks a huge number of Ads and the user can add any ad links they find which aren’t blocked which are automatically added to a database so every user will have them blocked as well.

2. Firefox Personas: Is a skin manager which has thousands of skins updated and created everyday. It is used by 8 million people and has around 60,000 designers.

3.  urlG.in URL Shortener: URL shorteners are always a very useful tool. For example they could be used for the micro-blogging site Twitter. This would be particularly helpful since it is inside firefox and you wouldn’t have to open up a new window or tab to use it.

4. Greasemonkey: Allows you to customize the way a webpage displays using small bits of JavaScript. There are many premade scripts available here, or you can create your own.

5.WoT: WoT stands for Web of Trust. This is an add-on very useful for security purpose such as shopping online or downloading files. It has an icon next to the Home button on the Firefox taskbar. This shows the ratings, traffic light colors,  other users of the add-on have given on 4 subjects-: Trustworthiness, Privacy, Vendor Reliability and Child Safety.

Hope you install them, Sandy


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